Is the Flu Vaccination worth having?

When patients are diagnosed with auto immune disorders, they are classified as at risk to other viruses and it is usual to recommend the flu jab as they do for elderly people due to their compormised immune system. The body is unable to distinguish between healthy tissue and antigens and it is believed that the flu vaccine may offer some level of protection?

I was also advised to have this following an episode of viral meningitus in 1991, I did so for many years but each time the vaccination caused me to be extremely unwell. I had considered it's worth for a long time and began to research if this really was worth having. Research brought up a number of  concerning articles that went against what the professionals were saying.

We have all been brain washed by politicians and Doctors to believe that we MUST vaccinate our children, it had been mandatory in Great Britain since the early 1960's until changes took place at the turn of the century when parents were given a choice. 

Vets also instilled in us the importance of vaccinating to protect our pets, without informing us of the dangers that our pets were exposed to by following their protocol.  Vets certainly never made clear that our pets could actually die due to the vaccines. Can vaccines kill?


By chance, I came across this website written by Ann Ridyard while researching the BARF diet for my dogs.  I could not believe what I was reading, it controvened  everything that I have ever been led to believe.  A decade  earlier, the prospect of a mere suggestion that Vets rather than wanting to help save our animals, were actually ignoring warnings and  making them ill for profit, would have been quite preposterous, but this is exactly what was being said.  Years later, we find out that most vets have been somewhat negligent in their approach to vaccines and dishonest with us for the benefit of their bank balance.


The dogs dinner by Ann Ridyard

"Research conducted by Dr Ronald Schultz, in which dogs were exposed to distemper and parvovirus, showed that every single dog was protected when exposed to the viruses – up to 11 years after they were first vaccinated"


In 2010 I joined an internet group called "The Truth about vaccines" mainly related to the effect of vaccines in animals. I was astonished to learn the view from the other side and how vaccines even in healthy people are not only ineffective, but dangerous. It had never occured to me that I was damaging my already very poor immune system by having this poison injected in to my body. Yes, poison is exactly what vaccines are.


It was at this time that I made a conscious decision not to continue with my yearly flu jab, against the advice of my Doctor. I was prepared to accept any consequences due to my decision, but I have to say that although I have had a few mild virus infections, I have not been extremely ill as I was every year while having the vaccine.

I also took the decision not to vaccinate my animals annually, other than puppies who still have their first vaccinations but no follow up boosters. I firmly believe that they last for life and it is unnecessary to over vaccinate and further deplete their immune system.


A controversial video worth watching was done by Microsoft owner Bill Gates with his view on vaccine use and other links supporting the detromental effects that are being caused by vaccines. Are polititions really responsiblie for wanting to depopulate our planet by using vaccines to kill us?

Bill Gates Video on depopulation and vaccine use


The Truth behind Vaccine cover up



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