Klaus Kazimer Delle Aivane (Merlin)


Another incident happened in 2015 that would also give me good reason to believe that dark forces were at work again trying to cause  problems  for me with  yet another breeder who I had what I consider to be a very good friendship. We had been friendly for almost two years after I had sent a £200 deposit to Italy to secure a male puppy from her who was born in February 2014.

We were very much looking forward to a new addition here, a male puppy who we actually named Merlin, and this was his call name from eight weeks old. His breeder kindly agreed to have his pet passport done for us and keep him with her until he was old enough to come in to the UK. I was receiving daily news about him and beautiful photos, learning about his character and both Alan and I were excited, not only to meet this puppy but to meet the breeder as well, our relationship was very good, we had many things in common and couldn't wait to meet up having spoken by telephone and chatted for hours about the breed in general and our committment to the breed.

 I had actually booked the Euro Tunnel for June 13th 2014, ready for our journey to Italy, when I received a call to say that Merlin had been to the vets and on examination,  it was found that he had been born without testicles.  He had a small operation to see if they were in the stomache but nothing was found. To establish his sexuality, he would have needed  more invasive surgery and I agreed with his breeder that this little boy would not suffer further surgery. He was to be rehomed in to a pet only family which is what happened to him.

 This news was devastating to us, but unfortunately, these things can sometimes happen and I beleive it wasn't meant to be on this occasion.

The breeder also had a nice male and I told her to keep the deposit to pay towards having LPN testing and eye test done on him so that he could be used in the UK.  The money would be deducted from the stud fee that we would pay later on. Health requirements are not as stringent in Europe and he had sired litters there without those tests being done but it was not possible in the UK.

Still we maintained a good relationship, I was often given news of Merlin in his new home and we were in regualar contact discussing the breed in general.

That was until 2015, when this boy was sired to another breeder in Europe who had sold a puppy to  the owner of one of our previous litters. This relationship became strained when she was in contact with the breeder of our girl and had remained as such since the puppy was six months old in early 2011.

Suddenly, again almost over night, the Italian breeder wished to cease contact with me for no apparent reason, despite me asking her what I had done, I was given no explanation whatsoever. She told me that it was not possible for us to use her boy at stud and she wished for no further contact.

When I pointed out that we had paid our deposit and that as it was she who was pulling out of the agreement and not us, it would only be fair to re-emburse us with our £200 that had been paid in good faith.


The following two months as I waited for the return of this money were very tense with some very aggresive emails sent to me, again without any explanation. It was my right to insist on the return of the deposit but it was not received with any understanding, only aggression.


Again, I had to question what I had done to deserve this treatment but I was only met with verbal abuse and that I was to make no further contact.

The deposit was returned to me later in 2015 after a long and unpleasant fight.


Another instance of people power and those early threats to "destroy me", faceless people working behind the scenes to prevent us from continuing with our breeding plans.


It gets to the point where we have to be so close with our intentions because we know from experience that as soon as certain people hear of our plans, they go all out to close our deal prematurely.


I hope this page will be read by those concerned and I hope they will realise that they were caught in a web of destruction and used by people to continue their hate campaign. We are guilty only of continuing to breed despite the obvious objections of some who have tried so many times to prevent us from breeding.


The more we are subjected to incidents like this, the more determined we are to continue.  Soon people will realise the viciousness of some individuals and not be part of their evil plans.

Update July 2016

It is not a surprise that this Italian breeder now corresponds over social media with my vendetors.  It was always on the cards as are others!