I have written a blog of  accounts regarding myself, starting from 1984 when I was first diagnosed with a chronic life threatening illness called Systemic Sclerosis; two forms of this are Scleroderma & Lupus, they are progressive rheumatic illness and connective tissue disorders. In 2012 a prosecution was  brought against me by the DWP, (following an inside tip off and after a fall out with former leo friends) they claimed that I had "failed to notify them of a change of circumstances"  I conclude with events over three years following this and with the good news  that in 2013, my DLA, now called PIP, was restored after medicals with Capita & Atos found that I had a valid claim for disabiity benefit. I had been diagnosed with Osteoarthritis in 2010 following X-ray of right hip which had severely progressed to bone on bone by 2013. Hence why I did not notify the DWP of any health improvement.

After several op cancellations, and a longer wait than anticipated, I finally had my total hip replacement in 2016.

The DWP have announced in September 2016 that they will no longer send some people for medical assesments who suffer long term progressive illness or degenerative conditions. So their campaign to get people off benefits wasn't cost effective!

 It is important for me to write this as it will be an accurate account of events spanning  more than 30 years. I aim to keep it up to date with news and events.

Most of this is quite private and personal and only family and very good friends knew of my problems over the years, but since 2011, and following the publication of my (supposed) health problems and how they affect my daily living, it has proved necessary for me to put this information in the public domain, in an attempt to dispel the false stories that some people in the world of Leonbergers have created.

 Those were people who knew all about my health issues, and who had made a threat to "destroy me" They went on to embellish and twist things with some very untrue; damaging gossip and surreptitious activity.

I will clear my name if it is the very last thing I ever do, I have always maintained my honesty throuought this nasty episode and I and many others, know full well that this case was brought about solely  through vindictiveness of just a couple of people. 

Data protection failed me...if those at the centre are corrupt and are prepared to lie on oath, this doesn't exist.   

There is no doubt that the whole purpose was to discredit me; my family and to damage our hobby of breeding Leonbergers.


 It didn't! but it's been a rough ride,  many others lacking in  strength and dermination would have fallen at the first hurdle. Those who have criticised me wouldn't wish to stand in my shoes (literally) for five minutes.

But despite the knocks, and the nastiness from some quarters, I'm a fighter and a survivor and I'm not intending to disappear anytime soon!

2016. The message has been loud and clear and in writing this blogg, it has given people the chance to read my side of the story. It has stopped in their tracks, those who were eager to dish the dirt on me!

although some foot soldiers have been appointed to do others dirty work, so I'm watching carefully with interest.

Although my surgery has been successful and has reduced the pain somewhat, I do not feel that there has been any improvement in my general health. There has been notable progression of muscle wastage and fat atrophy since my medical assessments in 2013. I attribute this to the stress and anxiety that I have suffered.

As with all progressive diseases, mine has continued to progress but slowly and I continually try to adjust with the changes made due to this.

I do hope my  visitors enjoy reading this blogg, please feel free to leave your comments in the guestbook.

Most unpleasantness in life derives from the greed of  money by many, the root of all evil. Jealousy is another evil.  I have a few personal experiences of this which I write about here following the death of my late Mother in February 2015.

Sadly I now prefer my dogs to most people having been exposed to disloyalty  from them over the last few years.

If it needs to be said, be assured that I will! the truth is not libellous. 

My Purpose

This is for the benefit of anyone who is told to Google my name Dianne Page But also to make more people aware of these rare diseases and the impact they have on our lives.

For those diagnosed with Auto Immune Disease, Systemic sclerosis, Lupus, Chronic fatigue & Raynaud's Disease, who may be interested in my story spanning more than thirty years. 


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I would love to hear from anyone who has been through a similar experience with the DWP or treated unfairly by them.

It seems that sick people are easy targets for our government to save money. They ignore the many people in good health who won't work.


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